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  • Mirror Screen Protector
    Mirror Screen Protector

    Product detail:

    1. The surface is specially processed to prevent scratching and wear.
    2. Mirror facticity is over 98%.
    3. Compounded with silica gel layers as the adhesive to avoid forming bubbles.
    4. Without any residue, non-corrosive surface.
    5. Total thickness for three layers: 0.4mm, Use layer thickness is 0.31mm.
    6. Transmittance is over 92%.
    7. Weakly adhesive, adopt nature of physical can be absorbed by itself, can be reused after cleaning.
    8. Can effectively absorb part of the direct to protect the display.
    9. Can effectively prevent stylus abrasion on the LCD screen.
    10. Safe and environment-friendly, harmless to human body, according to EU environment standards.

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